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Age 4 Years
Dist 2018
Cask 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
Region Taiwan
Out-turn 212
Alc 57.2%

TITLE: Blowing smoke rings / スモークリングを吹く


We imagined walking through a pine forest with that typical herbal and refreshing scent which immediately puts a smile on one’s face. We stopped for a while, noting a hint of distant wood smoke. On the neat palate it certainly packed a punch – strawberries with smoked black pepper and balsamic vinegar, and we felt that we were blowing smoke rings. Following reduction, the aroma was that of charred lemons, peppered smoked mackerel and pine sap. To taste, we found grilled corn on the cob with peppered butter and hot sauce made with nasturtium flowers, garlic, chilli pepper and apple cider.

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