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スパイシー&スイート / SPICY & SWEET


熟成年数 8 Years
蒸留年 2014
カスク 1st Fill Barrel / Bourbon
地域 Highland
ボトリング本数 215
アルコール度数 61.1%

タイトル: Tiptoe to the tropics / 熱帯へのつま先立ち


A precise and delightfully idiosyncratic nose, full of long-aged grappa, buffed leather, dried flowers, freshly cut garden herbs and wintergreen. We also found impressions of clay, spearmint, heather flowers and aged dry riesling with a wee hint of cooking oils in the background. Water brought vanilla ice cream, stem ginger, playful waxiness, camphor and cigarette rolling papers. The neat palate was highly mentholated at first, with lots of minty notes, sharp green fruit acidity, gooseberry, kiwi, lime and white flowers; reminiscent of some older-school Irish whiskeys, and increasingly exotically fruited. With water we found it became fatter and oilier in texture, and more overtly tropical – with mango, guava and passion fruit, then runny honey and gloopy fruit salad juices. Luscious!

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