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オールド&ディグニファイド / OLD & DIGNIFIED


熟成年数 40 Years
蒸留年 1983
カスク Refill Hogshead / Spanish Oak Sherry
地域 Speyside
ボトリング本数 130
アルコール度数 43.7%

タイトル: On the road again / 新たなる旅路へ

35年間ex-bourbon barreで熟成した後、Spanish oak sherry hogsheadに移し替え。

Like many highways converging at a single place, ripe apples, pears, sweet sandalwood and fragrant pipe tobacco gathered at the intersection of perception. As minty dark chocolate and ginger nut biscuits merged with cherry fondant and exotic fruits, our journey so far had become clear. With a customary drop of water we embarked on a voyage into camphor and rum cream cakes with a few salt crystals on top. Flakes of toasted coconut now stuck to sticky caramel biscuits before arriving at what seemed like a destination of peach ice cream on stewed apple tart. However, it was only just the beginning. After spending 35 years in an ex-bourbon barrel this was transferred to a Spanish oak sherry hogshead for the remainder of its maturation.

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