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芳醇、濃厚 & ドライフルーツ / DEEP, RICH & DRIED FRUITS


熟成年数 31 Years
蒸留年 1989
カスク 1st Fill Butt / PX
地域 Speyside
ボトリング本数 514
アルコール度数 57.9%

タイトル: Heaven-sent / 神の恵み

29年間 ex-oloroso butで熟成した後、 first fill PX buttに移し替え。

An aroma of incense of the most valued scented aloeswood which noblemen of the ancient Japanese imperial court called ‘Kyara Kongo’ and translates into ‘Diamond Kyara’ filled the room. On the palate somewhat heavy and dark but at the same time fruity and light as we envisaged watching the show ‘How the Andalusian Horses Dance’, an equestrian ballet accompanied by Spanish music in the Royal Andalusian School in Jerez. With a drop of water, we imagined the beating wings of a hummingbird, gracile, filigree, a playful elegance and seemingly without the slightest effort. A heaven-sent enjoyment you will not easily forget. After twenty-nine years in an ex-oloroso butt, we transferred this whisky into a first fill PX butt.



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