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Age 12 Years
Dist 2008
Cask 2nd Fill Hogshead / Bourbon
Region Islay
Out-turn 246
Alc 61.6%

TITLE: Mexican mixed pebbles / メキシコの小石


A coastal scene developed in our mind as we sat, early morning, in front of our cottage with a steaming mug of coffee listening to the relaxing sound of the waves as they reached the pebbled beach shoreline. The sun started to warm up the air and we got ourselves granola with smoked oats, dried fruits and dark chocolate. As the nights were still cold, following breakfast, we got the black traditional coal scuttle from the living room and filled it to the brim for use later that day. By now it was time for elevenses with a cup of sweet and creamy brown sugar milk tea accompanied by Mexican style melon balls with chilli, salt and lime.

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