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Release Date 2021.4.9
Age 6 Years
Dist 2013
Cask 2nd fill hogshead / Moscatel
Region Islay
Out-turn 304
Alc 60.2%

TITLE: Panel-punch of peat-smoke / ピート煙のパネルパンチ

5年間ex-bourbonで熟成した後、second-fill Muscatel hogsheadへ移し替え。

Our noses picked up sweet vanilla and toffee, but the main impressions included steam ships, tarry driftwood bonfire on a shingle beach, smoked fish, Nori, saltwater and tidal rock-pools. The palate had some nougat sweetness but the Woof and Wow factors were from the plexus pummelling panel-punch of peat-smoke and kelp – with hints of pork belly and bone broth. With water the nose found oily harbour water, Grappa and fireside candy. The palate turned up shichimi, sugar-coated burnt sticks and liquorice imps – undoubted peat-freak appeal. After five years in ex-bourbon wood we moved this into a second-fill Muscatel hogshead.

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